HarryHomers Campaign Files.

A normal Enemy Territory campaign looks like this hhbotmulti063.pk3 and normally it can be found in your etmain directory once it has been downloaded from the game server.
These files normally contain a single uncompressed campaign file, as you can only have ten (10) maps in a single campaign file you can add as many *.campaign files as you like to the campaign.pk3 file.
This *.campaign file is a text file containing the following :-
name "hhbotmulti063"
shortname "hhbotmulti063"
description "hhbotmulti063**1. baserace_desert*2. rommel_final_1107*3. fr_summer_b3*4. battery*5. rhine_bridge3 *6. mp_assault_rc1*7. transmitter*8. SuperGoldrush_Final*9. cortex_who*10. raw_final"
maps "baserace_desert;rommel_final;fr_summer_b3;battery;rhine_bridge3;mp_assault_rc1; transmitter;SuperGoldrush_Final;cortex_who;raw_final"
mapTC 374 374
type "wolfmp"
Note that the map name is not always the same as the map pk3 file.
The campaigns that are currently in use on the HarryHomers servers are all named for our convenience and along the same lines for easy identification, for example hhbotmulti***.pk3 would become hhbotmulti061.pk3 or hhbotmulti032.pk3.and are set on the server as required.
Due to the way the server is setup by our hosts you do not download any of our campaign files. If you require a copy of them contact the Admin's via email at et@harryhomers.org

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