Vtools v0.9.5c

Enemy Territory utilities for HarryHomers

> Download Vtools Setup.exe <

Vtools (V as Veermer and tools as... utilities?)
is first used to download ET maps and files from HarryHomers servers,
but you can use Vtools to see who is playing, connect to Harry's web site,
launch and play ET, directly from Vtools!

Vtools main window

The Viewer icon open its own window,
same for Options where you can choose a file search by names or by MD5 keys.
Lists of keys are stored in Vtools preferences in Vtools folder.

When maps change on server(s), comparison lists are created on server
and used by Vtools to check if you need a file.

Note: Vtools cannot make coffee or pizza. Some bytes were damaged when coding. Bytes love damages.
Vtools is designed and programed by =818= Veermer.

1 Click on server name to choose which server you wish to join or download maps for.
2 Icon bar: depending on current state, This can be used to launch ET, view players on server, go to Harry's web site, change options and download files.
3-4 The information line and the progress bar ( displays when loading files or calculating).
5 If you you are missing any files, a list of these files are shown here, it lists name, size, and current loading state (green).
You can cancel loading by pressing the [Esc] key.
6 The File menu where you can access all functions and change Vtools language.