HarryHomers FAQ's and help #2.

Being kicked for having the wrong CVAR settings ?

When anyone joins our servers their settings are automatically checked by PunkBuster to make sure there are no setting which are seen as cheats.
As well as cheats there are basic settings which all players must stick to, these are also checked.
Some settings can be altered within acceptable settings, these are also checked by PunkBuster.
If you try to join our servers with settings out side of those set in the server config PunkBuster will warn you to change your settings or in 30 seconds you will be kicked.
This will continue to happen until you sort your settings out.
You can check why your being kicked by dropping the console down and scrolling back with your mouse wheel.
You are always warned what your setting is and what the correct one should be for all violations.

The most common CVAR error when joining our server is the rate to fix this error see below.
You just follow the same procedure for other CVAR violations.

    the console in ET

Start by dropping the console down by pushing the tilde ( ` ) key, that's the one below the escape key on top left of the key board.
If successful you will the picture above.

Then follow these steps.

1. This is the version of ET you using.
2. In the console type /players and push enter.
3. Shows all players on the server together with some of their details and settings. Note the [b]rate[/b] on this is 20000 not 25000.
4. Enter in to the console /seta rate 25000 and push enter. This has now set the rate to 25000.
5. Do the same as number 2. In the console type /players and push enter.
6. Check your rate is at the required number
And then continue to play the game.

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