HarryHomers Gaming Server's.

Our Game Server's and TeamSpeak server's are hosted by us on our own web server.

At the moment we have six game server's running "Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory" and one TeamSpeak 3 server.
All the Enemy Territory game server's and can be found using Enemy Territory's own in game "online" interface, or by using a game server browser such as Game Tracker.

The TeamSpeak server is also available to clan members and guests.

Some of our server's are what is known as public servers others are private servers.
A public server is one that any one can play on it.
A private server is one that is closed to the public and players need a password to gain entry to play.
All our game servers are protected by PunkBuster with streaming to PBBans

Enemy Territory Game Servers.

HarryHeadShot HarryHomers HarryNoQuarter
HarryScrim HarrySniper HarryTest

Server name    HarryHeadShot
I.P. Address
This is open to anyone (a so called public server) who wants to play the game on it.
Is an Enemy Territory server where you can only injure an opponent by shooting them in the head,
all other shots do not count or do damage.
This type of server is good for practicing to improve your aim.
We can have any of our maps running on this server.
This server has bots using OmniBot v0.86 and SilEnT v0.9.0

Server name    HarryHomers
I.P. Address
Is the main Enemy Territory server, this is open to anyone (a so called public server) who wants to play the game on it.
We will only "password" this server in exceptional circumstances i.e. regular's vs. Harry's matches
This server has a campaign of 20 maps running on it.
This server has bots using OmniBot v0.86 and SilEnT v0.9.0

Server name    HarryNoQuarter
I.P. Address
This is a public server and therefore under normal operating conditions will not be passworded.
The maps on this server are as requested by our users, at the moment this is a 10 map campaign
This server has 14 bots using OmniBot v0.86 and NoQuarter v1.2.9.b6

Server name    HarryScrim
I.P. Address
This is where we hold our home clan matches or scrims
It is where the scrim team practice.
Maps and config's can be changed as required by the scrim team.
This server is passworded and the password will be passed to opposing clans when required.
This uses ETPro v3.2.6 with the standard Clan Base server config and settings.

Server name    HarrySniper
I.P. Address
This is a collection of sniper style maps, where you play the role of a sniper against either bots or real people.
The idea is the same, sneak around trying not to be seen and shot the opposition which is trying to do the same.
A stead hand is required for this type of game.
This server has 8 bots using  OmniBot v0.86 and SilEnT v0.9.0

Server Name      HarryTest
I.P. Address
The clan's test server and is used for testing config's, MOD's and maps
This server is also used to training and getting to know maps.
Bots will be added or removed as required by the clan.
This server is also reserved for the clan members only and as such is "passworded".
The password for this server is posted in the password thread of forum and all changes will be posted in this thread to and e-mailed to all clan members via the Harry Mail List.

Team Speak 3

Channel Name      HarryHomers
I.P. Address
The port address is 14167
The password to access the teamSpeak 3 server is harry
This server is for the use of clan members and guest's playing on our server's and is "passworded" and is intended to try to stop drop in visitors who just want to cause disruption.
This is the server we use to chat to each other.
The software we use for this is TeamSpeak 3.
The server has several channels at the moment.
You either talk to everyone in the lobby or join a channel for team you are in.
If you require another channel making contact a channel admin.

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