Streaming Video's By The HarryHomers Clan.

This is part of the Harry Clan in the early days doing some airbourne work. Filmed by Harry Slash.
         Play video      (4.41 MB   51 sec)

This is Harry Amazon in action at the fuel dump. Filmed by Harry Slash.
         Amazon's fuel dump Trailer     (4.26 MB   1min 52 sec)

This is Harry Slash on a couple of maps taken by Harry CannonFodder
         Slash On The Move Trailer     (8.82 MB   1 min 51 sec)

This is a collection of Harry clan members and users in the hidden room on the Chateau Voilegarde map. Filmed by Harry Lakey.
         Dancing party     (11.9 MB   1 min 15 sec)

Users of our servers.
         Weeda     (2.27 MB   25 sec)

Below is a collection of video's showing an AIMBOT in use taken by Harry Pirate|UK|
If you prefer you can download the demo files and save them in the Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/omnipub/demos/ directory and then watch them in Enemy Territory.

1.  video    (2.43 MB    8 seconds)    file
347KB    taken 29-01-08
2.   video     (11.7 MB    44 seconds)     file 99KB    taken 29-01-08
3.   video     (10.0 MB    37 seconds)     file 344KB    taken 29-01-08
4.   video     (2.66 MB    9 seconds)     file 404KB    taken 29-01-08
5.   video     (10.2 MB    38 seconds)     file 98KB    taken 29-01-08
6.   video     (48.3 MB    3 mins 5 seconds)     file 1.28 MB    taken 07-02-08

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