We offer single or multiple email address accounts.

* Professional addresses for you or your business
* Forward mail to your existing address
* Access you email anywhere with internet access

If you have no need for a web site but would like a professional and memorable email addresses using your domain name, then our Email Only package is the perfect choice.

See below for our packages and prices.
All our email accounts come with the following as standard :
SMTP Send email through our servers rather than your ISP.
POP3 or IMAP Use either POP3 or IMAP to control how you receive your email.
Web Mail Send & receive e-mail from any Internet- connected computer.
Catch all e-mail address Get all emails sent to *, no matter what they are addressed to.
Number of E-Mail Aliases If you do not have a domain name* of your own you can choose either a main or sub-domain address from one our our domains.
Already have your own domain name* or would like one ?,, etc
*  Domain fees are not included in these packages.
Spam filtering We employ two methods of spam filtering.
1. White lists and Blacklists allow you to define which mails to include or exclude.
Blacklists block specific e-mail addresses or domains of known spammers thereby catching spam before it hits your in-box.
White lists work in the opposite way and allow you to build a list of authorised addresses or domains.
Scans e-mails sent in bulk and prevents them from entering your in box
Lists contain up to 10,000 entries and are customisable in the Control Panel
2. Spam Assassin™ When activated this either marks spam subject lines with ***SPAM*** or automatically deletes them.
E-mail Forwarding You can easily divert all e-mails received under your new domain addresses to any other external e-mail address.
Auto-responders Our advanced forwarding option also allows you to set up an auto responder on any address (except postmaster) in your domain, so that a courtesy reply is automatically sent to anyone sending mail to that address.
This is most useful for an address which could send out information on your product, services or upcoming events, or it could be used with your address to acknowledge orders.
It could also be used to automatically inform friends when you are not around to answer your email.
Mail Lists A mail list is a list of people that are interested in the same subject, are members of the same work group, who are taking class together or a group of family members.
The key advantage of a mailing list over a things such as web-based discussion is that as new message becomes available they are immediately delivered to the participants' mailboxes

If you prefer not to move your domain to our registrars, to take advantage of our packages you only need to point your name and mx servers at ours.

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