The HarryHomers Information Page.

All Map and Campaign Files.

The HarryHomers map and campaign files are not packed as such but are already the required .pk3 file.
When they are downloaded they should be copied / saved in to the etmain directory

The file names must end in .pk3 and NOT .zip
If they are left as .zip Enemy Territory will not see them and you will not be able to use them.
Also when any new maps or campaigns are copied in to the Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory/etmain directory, the game must be restarted for them to become available in game.

The maps that are currently in use on the HarryHomers servers can be found in the download section of the web site or direct from the map directory here.
Full lists of all the maps that are in use on all our severs can be found on the forum in the maps in use thread.

The campaigns that are currently in use on the HarryHomers servers are all named for our conveniance and are set on the server as required.
These campaigns are all named along the same lines for easy identification, for exmaple hhbotmulti***.pk3 would become hhbotmulti061.pk3 or hhbotmulti032.pk3.
If you require a copy of them contact the Admins via email at

All maps that we use have useful inforamtion, a discription or the objectives required to complete each map.
These can be found here.

Noob and Family Friendly Server

What is a noob ? A noob is a new, novice or beginner at playing ET.
We welcome players of any experience level and any age, whether they are in a clan or not.
The way we look at it is, everyone has to start somewhere and if you are getting constantly killed you will not enjoy the game and therefore may even give up before you gained any experience.
Age ? age makes no difference either ? We welcome players of any age at the moment our youngest player is 6 years old and the oldest 60+.
The only thing we insist on with age is that players under the age of 16 have their parents permission to play

As a family friendly server there are a couple things we do not allow :
Team Killing.
Which means killing someone that is in the same team as you, you also lose XP when that happens.
Spawn Killing.
Is where people are killed as soon as they become alive in the game.
The spawn exits are also out of bounds to, with 1 exception ? if someone shoots from their spwan you can shoot back in self defence.
Swearing is not allowed on our servers.
The worst swear words will automatically asterixed (****) out so no one can see them.
Any user trying to get around the word ban will find themsleves being kicked and posibily banned.

Rules, Order And Disapline.

The servers are looked after on a day to day basis by the clan Ref 'arry's.
These are clan members who have been in the clan and using the server for a period of time and selected by the Administrate 'arry's as their representatives in game to control what is happening on the servers.
If you fall foul of the rules ? the Ref 'arry's have a number of options available to them.
A talking to.
To establish what happened and the error of your ways explained and warned not to do it again.
This means that you cannot say anything in game either with the vsay command or by using the in game keys pushing V45.
The mute must be removed by a Ref 'arry before you leave the server or when you rejoin you still be muted until it is removed.
Being kicked is when you are not asked to leave but forcably removed from the server by a Ref 'arry.
Once you have been kicked you are automatically banned from rejoining for two (2) minutes.
Everyone will find they get kicked from the server every now and then. It is nothing to be ashamed of.
You will always receive at least one (1) warning that you are about to be kicked and why. You should be told when you rejoin why you were kicked.
Do not argue with Ref 'arry and their decision is final
This is the ultimate sanction.
It is rare to get a instant ban from our servers but any one found cheating or swearing to a great degree or being really offensive will get a instant ban.
You do not have to be on our servers to get banned.
We stream our servers to PunksBusted and PPBans. This means we have real time protection against every known cheat and anyone caught by these will not have a repreive and it will mean a instant autokick and ban. the only way to get a ban removed because of this is to appeal to EvenBalance see this topic for more information.

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