The HarryHomers Enemy Territory Map Download Page

Multi-Campaign Map's

Campaign Maps 1

Campaign Maps 2

Campaign Maps 3    new item

Click on the map name below to select the map you wish to download.

HH Bot Map 1
        tarbox island
        chateau voilegarde

HH Bot Map 2
        1944 beach
        1944 cherbourg 2
        supply depot
        rhine bridge 3
        x labs 1
        base race beta 3
        falcon 2
        tc base

HH Bot Map 3
        1944 huertgen
        1944 nordwind
        supply depot 3
        fuel dump
        et ice
        mlb daybreak

HH Bot Map 4
        Seawall Battery
        Fuel Dump
        Rail Gun

The original six maps.
Played in the above order
No maps are required
to be downloaded.

HH Bot Map 5
        carnage 2

HH Bot Map 6

HH Bot Map 7

HH Rocket Map 1

HH Battery Map 2

HH Chilly Map 3

HH Desert map 4

HH Venice Map 5

HH Fortress Map 6
        Fun Beach Final
        Fun Fortress
        Stargate 1945

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