The Nazi's are performing human experiments to create super soldiers to further their
mission for world dominance by performing passages from 'The book of the Resurrection'.
A small allied force lead by LT. Joe Johnson was sent to gather more information on one,
Alfred Kreiger, who is a Nazi Sympathizer and linked to practices in the occult.
Information received from Johnson has confirmed our suspicions before losing contact.
Allies must stop these Nazi soldiers by stealing the book before the rituals are complete or allow them to become invincible.

resurrection map objectives


Destroy the control box at the main gate to cut the
power and open it.

Build the bridge to gain access to the side entrance.

Blow the main crypt door.

Build the underground bridge and blow the underground
cript door to gain further access.

Steal the book and take it to the boat.

Steal the boat to make your escape.

Do not fall into the vortex in the book room or
you will have a most painful death :)

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