Tank Buster

Spring 1944, Italy.
The Allies are finally advancing at the Gustav Line when an S.O.E. Intelligence
report reveals a hidden reserve of Axis armour near Monte Cassino.
The Allies must breach the depot heavy defences and destroy all
the tanks stockpiled within before they might be used in an Axis counter offensive.

tank buster objectives map

Mend the explosive truck and escort it to the bunker door.

Blow up the broken truck.

In order to see mines in the minfield,
the Allied covert op must walk towards
the command post and spot the mines as he goes.

Once the explosive truck is at the bunker door you
must build the command post in order for it to blow up
and gain access to the bunker.

Take the forward spawn flag.

Proceed into the workshop to destroy the eight tanks.

You can gain another access by blowing the workshop door.

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