Enemy Territory Patches.

When installing the game for the first time or if you need to update ? install the update patches in the following order or the game will fail to work correctly :-


     1.     ET patch version 1.01

     2.     ET patch version 1.02

     3.     ET patch version 2.60

     4.     ET patch version 2.60b    the latest update patch.

ET patch version 2.60b

no update at present available

XP Save.
XP Save is used on all of our games.
There are no settings that you can alter for this.
XP Save means that the XP (eXperiance Points) you have earned during the game are not lost if you leave the game for any reason and rejoin.
All XP is reset to 0 either if you do not rejoin the game for three (3) days or once a month when the map cycle is changed.

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